Forest Kindy Adventurers at ABC Raumati

A group of Forest Kindy Adventurers headed off to Kaitawa Reserve this morning. It was a bit drizzly, but that didn’t faze us…….. Zavier and Noah led the way across the bridge to our very own tree planting plot. We wondered how our seedlings had fared over the hot Summer months. We were surprised to find they had grown lots and were now so tall they were poking over their shelters. Zavier and Noah explained to our new forest adventurers how they had helped John from Forest and Bird and Helen from Friends of Kaitawa Reserve, plant native tree seedlings all along the edge of the stream. They remembered adding fertilizer, a blanket of mulch and a plastic shelter so the rabbits didn’t eat the newly planted trees.

We laid our tarpaulin on the grass and sat and had our picnic kai. Then we headed off to explore…………we used our magnifying glasses to see if we could find any insects and to see what the trees, leaves and flowers looked like close up. We found a new track that took us down a hill and up to another entrance way to Kaitawa Reserve. We found some signs with photos that showed us the types of trees, fish, birds and plants we could look for at the Reserve. We also found a steep grassy hill…………..we climbed all the way to the top and ran as fast as we could down to the bottom!

What a great forest adventure we all had!

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