Future Leaders Programme

We often get asked to explain how we support teachers develop their leadership skills. As part of our Training and Development Programmes we’ve developed Future Leaders, a course guiding participants through the theory and practice of all things leadership.  We asked Matt Jaunay, the Organisational Development Manager to explain more.

What is BestStart’s Future Leaders programme all about?

Future Leaders is an intensive guided leadership programme that is focused at Teachers that have displayed leadership potential in their practice. Leadership concepts learnt on the programme accelerate the growth of individuals willing to embark on an exciting and fulfilling journey that will benefit them and all those they meet. Future Leaders is designed around our Company values and vision with a focus on positive outcomes for themselves, colleagues, and children/whanau.

What do Teachers learn on the programme?

The results of attending the programme include major paradigm shifts, with many “aha” moments. Participants will learn their true impact, potential, and place as an effective leader including the how they can positively influence growth in others.

What change takes place for participants?

Teachers who engage in closing their leadership gaps, have noticed a significant impact on their skill set, but the journey is different for each individual person. Participants mindsets, knowledge and communication skills are accelerated to grow and develop their leadership ability. The difference is dramatically notable for Teachers who complete the programme.

How are Future Leaders chosen?

Future Leaders is about identifying potential talent within our organisation. It is an in-depth programme designed to teach and make a leadership difference, and to support the development of confident and competent managers.

Why would you recommend Future Leaders?

I would recommend Future Leaders because it is a 12-week investment in oneself with unlimited dividends. The personal and professional growth that comes from engaging in Future Leaders has a lasting affect that can be enjoyed in all aspects of life.



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