Healthy Eating, Activity and Generosity at Montessori Mosgiel

Here at Montessori Mosgiel our Kiwi room has been exploring physical activity and healthy eating. Over time this has flowed into many other areas including looking at where our food comes from and how we need to care for our environment. The children all enjoyed re planting the centres community garden so this then extended into a planning focus of whaanau tangata.
Then a bright idea came up from our teacher Phillipa to create a community pantry.

This is a cupboard where people can put non perishable food items for those in our community who are needing a bit extra, can come and take what they need with no reservation. This is now sitting alongside our new lilliput library – so everyone has the pleasure of reading a good book!

Many discussions are being had with the teachers and children recognising the need to help others when you are in a place to do so, children are eagerly getting their parents on board too having a good look and learning about being contributing members in our community.

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