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Early Years Silverstreams Full of Fun and Smiles and fun on Their Holiday Programme

Well Early Years Silverstream had a fantastic time running the school holiday programme over January.

The children participated in many special events ranging from teddy bear picnics to rock creations, making their own playdough to take home and mask making.   Early Years Silverstream will run holiday programmes every school holidays throughout 2018!  These programmes incorporate all curriculum areas, for example science, construction, creativity and so on.




Tina visits TopKids Totara

Today at TopKids Totara, we had a special visitor. Tina from St Johns came to the centre to talk about her ambulance. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to Tina talk about all her special life saving equipment and about her friends, the Police and the Fire service. The children got to have a play and touch of all her special equipment and a look inside the ambulance. The aim of the programme Tina is doing is to teach children that the emergency services are our friends and here to help us.

Everybody settles in at BestStart Melling

Wow, what a busy and exciting first week we have had at BestStart Melling. The babies have been busy exploring their new environment and becoming familiar with all the new faces around them. There has been lots of chatter amongst the babies and they love listening as we sing songs with them.
It is lovely to see the relationships and friendships forming already as the babies share smiles with each other. The older children in the room have taken to helping the younger ones by passing them toys, well done tamariki ma!  We are looking forward to another busy and exciting week this week, with a few new babies coming in to visit!

It has been a busy few days for the Toddlers too as they settle in and explore their new environment.  Children have been enjoying climbing our new challenge course outside and have loved playing in the sandpit, going down the slide and climbing up the steep grass hill and sliding down.  Inside we have been busy exploring the clay and being involved in dramatic play, especially baking cakes and muffins for the babies and dressing up with our new costumes.

In the preschool room we are getting to know each other, familiarise ourselves with the new environment and work out routines which balance well. We have been exploring our new environment and discovered how much fun it is!! The big bikes and scooters are a huge hit, all the open space for water play, as well as our awesome new dress ups to name a few! We look forward to settling in completely and keeping you all updated with our daily happenings!!

Community Kindy Te Rapa get moving

At Community Kindy Te Rapa, we love moving and challenging our bodies with kori tinana every day. Not only does this keep us strong and healthy, but it also builds our self confidence and supports us to develop essential skills that will help us learn to read and write too!! Check out our awesome balancing, jumping and massive smiles. So much fun!!


Community Kindy Parton Road watch Paw Patrol

At Community Kindy Parton Road, we had a great outing to see Paw Patrol at the movies!! The children loved the bus ride and the movie was a hit with all who came.

Montessori Rongotai family BBQ

Our Montessori Rongotai community got together to enjoy the beautiful weather with a BBQ in the back garden. The sun shone as we came together as families and whanau to reunite with friends and make new ones. This was a great way to meet our Montessori teachers ,parents and children that make up our friendly, welcoming community from many nations and have fun together.

Play based education at Montessori Kilbirnie


As part of our Place Based education Montessori Kilbirnie had an amazing trip to the Oruaiti Reserve with our older children. This is the area from the end of Seatoun Beach, across the hill above and over to Breaker Bay. Oruaiti means “small pit” and I told the story of Kupe’s people landing on Seatoun beach and setting up a village. Nestled in the hills they planted sweet potato. The reserve is significant to New Zealand History. Kupe and his people are considered the first explorers to find New Zealand. Look up Kupe’s story of how he built sea going waka to chase a giant wheke (Octopus) across the Pacific Ocean which is how he came to find New Zealand. We are hoping to make this an annual trip for our three and four year olds.

On the walk we also took a look at bunkers from world war one and two that are also up on the ridge. And at the very top of the ridge not only is there an amazing look out over the harbour entrance and out to the South Island, but there is the pou marking the Pa site. From this view I told them about the Wahine sinking as a recent significant historical event.

We finished with a much needed lunch break under some trees and then a fantastic play at what some of the children call the pirate park, Churchill Park Seatoun.  The chain and anchor from the Wahine are at the Churchill Park.

Fuzzy Wuzzy’s at Early Years Petone

Today at Early Years Petone we made a discovery!!! A scientific discovery!

In the car park, while taking out the rubbish, I spotted a caterpillar…and not just any old caterpillar…but a FUZZY WUZZY caterpillar!! So I stopped to scoop it up! As I was reaching down to pick him up I spotted another one!! Same same!! Just like the other one!! So I scooped him up too. We put them into a bug catcher with a magnifying glass to get a better look and to find out exactly what time of fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars they were. Turns our a fuzzy wuzzy is actually called a ‘Wooly Bear’ or a ‘Magpie’ caterpillars.  Wooly Bear caterpillars turn into moths! Kiran decided we needed to find out what Fuzzy Wuzzy caterpillars liked to eat. So with a small bunch of explorers in tow, we headed out of the centre, down the stairs and along the path to do some investigations!I showed the children where I found the caterpillars and within a minute they had found another six!! They were wiggling through the garden next to the car park. Then we made a huge discovery! A big bush of yellow flowers that was COVERED in Wooly Bears. Turns out they love to eat weeds!! On further investigation we found out they particularly like to eat ragwort and cineraria weeds. The children all got to hold a caterpillar (or 4) and watch them wiggle on their hands and make their way up and up and up their arms and legs. Very brave! When we finished exploring we selected a couple to take back up with us and put the rest back in the garden. What an awesome experience. So far we have learnt that ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’s’ are actually ‘Wooly Bears’. We learnt that they like to eat weeds with yellow flowers and we found out they will turn into moths! Our caterpillars are now housed in terrarium in The Jungle and we are really excited to see what is going to happen next.

Chinese New Year at ABC Russley!

Chinese New Year at ABC Russley!

We were very lucky as we had a visit from Qiao Yi Lion Dance who performed for our children and families. It was amazing seeing the lion dancers up close and hearing the drums beat loudly as the Lion moved around.
In the evening we had a shared dinner with our whanau and friends. Everyone brought along a dish from their culture and we spent the evening together trying different dishes and spending quality time together.

What a wonderful Chinese New Year we had!!

Art Deco week at ABC Napier Central

This year to celebrate Art Deco Week, ABC Napier Central had a Great Gatsby picnic.  The children came dressed in their 1920’s clothing and spent the day listening to music, dancing and creating some wonderful head bands. With help from teachers, parents and children we were able to have a delicious  lunch, with a lovely assortment of food.  It was wonderful to see the excitement on the children’s faces when they got to select what they wanted on their plate.

It was a wonderful way for the children to gaining knowledge of what is happening in the community.  They are  making connections with the wider world through this special event.