TopKids Mangere East’s taonga

In December our centre was presented with a Taonga from one of our beautiful whanau at TopKids Mangere East in appreciation of the role we have played in supporting their child in his education journey. This now proudly hangs in our office.

Here is a recording of the wonderful words shared by the family.

“I want to thank TopKids Mangere East for what you have done for Fala, as he moves onto a new journey. This is to tell you how much me and our family honour and appreciate your staff and the centre. We are so grateful and thankful for all you have done. With love we present this gift. It is not much but we must acknowledge what has been done for Fala.

It’s not the end today but just the start of a new journey for Fala… he’s on board now for a new journey. And just like Maui and Moana sailed across the vast ocean of wisdom and knowledge sometimes the journey is hard and waves take you up and down but you keep going.

Fala started his journey here with you and we will now continue that journey at school. We want to give you this blessing and leave this in memory to remind you all how grateful we are”

Presented 14.12.17 by the Whanau of Fala-O’-Ngongo Mailangi’-Unga

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