In pursuit of excellence

In Early Childhood centres often the best outcomes come from a meeting of minds, a collection of thoughts that through debate, research, trial and error when, mixed with a passion and drive to achieve, results in a team achieving their goals.

We are firm believers that multiple minds are always better than someone working in silo’s and that the best education for our children results from our teams working as a collective with a clear vision of the outcomes they are seeking.

“Their sole aim is to be the driver of change in our centres, leading & inspiring our teachers to provide outstanding care and education for our Tamariki”

Key to driving this pursuit of excellence is our professional services team.  Each of centre based teams are supported by a Professional Services Manager (PSM).  PSM’s are specialist mentors at the fore front of best practice in ECE.  Their sole aim is to be the driver of change in our centres, leading and inspiring our  teachers to provide outstanding education and care for our tamariki.   Being   accountable for centre teaching standards, curriculum delivery and compliance to meet ERO requirements they are integral to the overall success of BestStart and in achieving our vision of truly making a difference in the lives of the children of New Zealand.

It’s not a role for the faint hearted either.  We all know that change isn’t always welcomed or comes at a pace fast enough to satisfy everyone.  Often this means  that those challenging conversations need to be had and some lights shined on some areas to highlight where our attention needs to be.  But  more often the conversations are exciting, inspiring and enlightening, the buzz of seeing a team achieve their goals and truly meet the needs of their tamariki is an amazing thing.

We keep the role interesting .  A PSM’s week can look very different from facilitating professional learning or mentoring a PCT to develop and extend their knowledge, practices, professional attributes and values.  It is an autonomous role but PSM’s get to work closely with both centre teams and senior management to create the full circle of support BestStart commits to our centres.

We have been so proud to see so many of our PSM’s really grown in the role.  It has given them opportunities to present at National Early Childhood and Education Conferences, to create an Infant and Toddler resource that is being recognised nationally, to go on to become a Regional PSM and even our National PSM. The role gives you the opportunity to grow, to grow your knowledge, your experience and your career.

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