Give us a glimpse into your life as a Learning and Development Coordinator at BestStart.


I love this role both in its idea and application.  Learning and Development is about value.  Value for people development.  This is done in many ways.  Through education in different spaces such as the Future Leadership Course, and through identified individualized centre education.  The opportunity to work closely with centre teams to build communication, cohesion, and connected vision is a growing part of my role and one that I truly enjoy.  Working with individual CM’s and HT’s to support their leadership growth is a natural outflow of the FLC and a newly identified system to follow each participant quarterly will support and influence their continued leadership journey.


What have been some of the unexpected hurdles of your role?


I think as with any new (newish) role it is about finding your way.  Bringing your own strengths and overcoming your own weaknesses in any new organizational culture is daunting.  Finding what works in this space for this organization, and for the brilliant people that work in it takes time.  I am finding my niche.  Regardless of any expertise an individual brings with them, there is always context.  A context for how things are communicated, how trust is developed, and how relationships are formed.  The biggest hurdles are probably not the ones that are inherent to the role, but rather potentially the ones that lie in my own head.


And Benefits


Without question, it is this organizations value for the role of L&D and the people I have the fortunate opportunity to work with and most especially for.


What motivates you?


What motivates me is a passion to get it right, to do it well, and to shift the tide for not only the young child but for all.  I am passionate about leadership not as a place or position, but as an agent of influence, because great leaders who seek to understand and guide can move mountains.  They operate through Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness, and service to empower people to be accountable, collegial, kind, committed, motivated, healthy communicators that are results driven.  I believe that great leaders produce great staff who produce great outcomes.  Outcomes that afford all BestStart children the opportunities they so richly deserve.


What are your thoughts on this inspiring minds PD?


This is an excellent idea.  I love that this is an educational opportunity for all and the training I am very excited for the opportunity through the Inspiring minds PD to educate on the amazing brain.  I know that our understanding of this content can change the way we define behavior and the environments that we create for children and hope that this is the first of many opportunities to deliver this content moving forward.


  1. Lesley Benjamin says:

    Hi this sounds like an area of Early childhood am interested in. I have 18 years experience primary education with the main focus and responsibilities for transition from ECE to school. As Deputy principal I was responsible for leading teachers to learning through play which we called developmental play. As a Resource teacher of learning for the past three years I was part of the team to support transitions for student who would need extra support when they started school. I found this role an integral part of ensuring that the child has the best start to school. It helped the school and teacher prepar for students arrival. It set the parents mind at ease and created the opportunity to build the relationships between school, teachers and parents. This process was powerful as the parent involvement is key to further supporting their child.

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