Relieving Work

BestStart Relieving Pools

Our teaching teams are the most integral part of what we do – without them, we cannot provide the outstanding care and education and care to our

children that we aspire too. topkids-mountAmazing as they are, sometimes our team do get sick or need to take a well-earned break and that is where our relievers come in.

We run four regional reliever pools that support our 270 centres throughout New Zealand. Each pool has Qualified ECE Teacher, primary teachers and caregivers (unqualified teachers) that are available to be called on to work in our centres when needed. The beauty of working as reliever for BestStart is that you can work as much or as little as you like to suit your needs.

Why relieve?


The main benefits of working as a reliever is flexibility. You tell us how much work you want, we let our centres know you are available and they contact you. We have enough centres to keep you as busy are you, ensuring you are working close to home too.


Lots of our relievers really enjoy the opportunity to see lots of different centres rather than just working in one. All of our centres have their own philosophies and educational focuses so they all look and feel different, so it gives you the opportunity to see lots of different teams and philosophies in action.

Low commitment

As a reliever, you agree to a casual employment contract with us, what that means that you work on an as required basis – when we need someone, we call you and book you in for a shift. It also means you can accept any shift you like, or not, its entirely up to you. The added bonus, unlike relieving for an agency, is there is no agreement that you won’t work for another centre at the same time or a stand down period if you start to look for a permanent role.

Foot in the door for Permanent work

Our relieving pools are one of the most successful recruitment tools we have. Not only can you work in our centres and see if you like the way we do things, we also get to see how you fit into our teams and teach our children and often that can lead to discussions about taking a permanent role with us. At that point, you get to enjoy all the wider benefits of working for BestStart including our Advice and Guidance Programme, our amazing Professional Development programme, free health insurance, 50% off childcare and an opportunity to work for NZ’s largest childcare provider owned by a New Zealand Charitable trust.

Reliever Pool Teacher PhotoWho are we looking for?

People who love working with children. This is not babysitting, we need people who are active and think outside the box and who can keep up with the busy little minds of our children. Ideally, you will have already worked in a childcare setting or be studying towards an ECE qualification. We find that people who are able to commit to working at least 3 days a week, have reliable transport and are real go-getters make the best relievers. People who also keep an eye on their phone early in the morning are also favourites!

We also always have a need for qualified ECE teachers to join our pool too. If you are a qualified teacher and want to understand how relieving at our centres could work for you please do not hesitate to give us a call to chat about this further.


Get in contact with one of our friendly Reliever Pool Coordinators or apply online at Keyword; reliever

For work in Northland, Auckland and Franklin:
Adam Kilmartin
Mobile: 027 677 4548

For work in Hamilton, Taupo, Tauranga and Rotorua:
Caroline Mahon
Mobile: 027 571 7548

For work in Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay:
Andrew por Louis
Mobile: 021 772 105

For work in the South Island:
Freya Jones
Mobile: 027 404 0657