Te Ara Kotiri Study Support Programme

At a time when the ECE sector is struggling to attract new teachers into the profession, BestStart decided to step in to do their part in supporting the ECE teachers of our future.  We see some amazing students working for us, doing a fantastic job at juggling work, study and family but also understand the added pressure that studying can add to the finances.

This has lead us to launch our Te Ara Kotiri Study Assistance Programme which has components that are for both our team and those not part of the BestStart team.

For 2nd and 3rd Year Teachers in Training working in our centres we offer to continue pay them while they are on their practicums and they can opt to take this assistance as a loan or bond themselves to the company for a short period. *

Alternatively, we offer all students, employed with us or not the opportunity to apply for a Te Ara Kotiri scholarship to help fund their 3rd Year of study.  Each year we will award up to five $5,000 scholarships to outstanding candidates that we see are the inspirational teachers of the future.

This year we have already awarded three scholarships, two to external students and one to our very own Traci Small, from Community Kindy Nae Nae in Wellington.  We’ll share some more about our amazing awardees in our next update.




4 thoughts on “Te Ara Kotiri Study Support Programme”

  1. Cherise says:

    I am first year at NZTC and work at Redwood Edukids, I would love to apply for any and all scholarship options as I am a solo mother of a 5 year old boy, and would love any opportunity for any form of scholarship to make my student loan smaller 😍

    1. Karen Earl says:

      Hi Cherise

      You will be able to apply this time next year as you need to be in your second year moving into your third.


  2. Mariam Alkaisi says:

    I was wondering if I could apply for this Programme as I’m a teacher in training at ABC Hei Hei doing volunteer work as work experience as part of my degree that I’m studying with NZ teritary college I’m doing second year bachelor of teaching ECE at the moment. I’m also a relief worker for best start, could you let me know if I could be part of this Programme as I’m very interested.

    Thank you


    1. Karen Earl says:

      Hi Mariam
      Absolutely, you are eligible for the programme. As you are already working with us, you can go onto Te Matapuna and apply there.

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