Tips for a great ECE interview

So you have been selected to attend interview for the job of your ECE dreams? Congratulations – the job is now yours to lose.

Here are  5 top ECE interview tips from BestStarts Recruitment Specialist, Jane Ransfield:

Tip 1. Have plenty of knowledge of the centre you are interviewing at, this can include, knowledge of their ERO report or community initiatives

Tip 2. Let your passion, philosophy and pedagogy shine throughout the interview. Use your own words and examples, paint a picture of you!  If they don;t ask this question of you, let them know you would like to share it, its important!

Tip 3. Illustrate your ECE talent by bringing along hard copies of learning stories, learning inquiries or resources that you have made. This is great, visual and tangible evidence that will keep your interviewers engaged!

Tip 4. As the interview comes to a close and they ask you if they have any questions- ask a couple! I like, “Why do you like working here?” or even – What is the process from here?

Tip 5. Follow up with an email thanking the interviewers for their time – As this leaves the lines of communication open and shows that you are professional, organised and interested

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