Tips for setting your Teacher/Leadership Inquiry

At BestStart Teacher Inquiry is critical to improving learning outcomes of our children and developing our teaching practice. Michela Homer our Regional Professional Services Manager shares with us her tips and 4 step process for developing a successful inquiry.

Step 1 – Start with reflection

TIP 1 – Spend quality time with a coach/mentor in the reflective part of the inquiry, you’ll be far more invested and excited.

Consider what can I work on that will make the MOST impact on my daily work with children? Who are my priority learners and what do I need to learn to support them better? What’s holding me back from being successful with them? Do I lack knowledge, skill or attitude? How does my Teacher Inquiry link to the centre’s strategic goals? If I’m successful with this inquiry, what will it look like for my learners (outcomes)?

TIP 2 – Set 4-5 outcomes. Focusing on 4-5 outcomes will help you to focus your work and identify success.

TIP 3 – Set actions to get you going from your first one on one meeting. This will help you get moving!

Step 2 – Seek Information

TIP 4 – Find research or ideas that challenge your thinking. By choosing to learn this way, you’ll broaden your thinking and really reflect on why you DON’T agree with something. This could grow your teaching.

Step 3 – Action

TIP 5- Before you make ANY changes, share your findings with your team and get their input and thoughts. You can’t make changes without their buy-in!

Once you’ve had a go, STOP and reflect! Did the changes you made create improved outcomes for your learners? How do you know? If not, you need to go back and do more research.


Go back to the outcomes you set at the start.

TIP 6 – Backmap your evidence to the Standards. Do this as you go along so you can reflect on the different standards and how they may influence your work.

Don’t be frightened to give it a go! You’ll only learn how to improve by doing it!

2 thoughts on “Tips for setting your Teacher/Leadership Inquiry”

  1. Macty Francis says:

    Very impressive strategy to teach effectively and work collaboratively.

  2. Annettr hansen says:

    Hi, my daughter is in her last year at college and currently working at a day care centre in the after school care program. She is very interested in becoming and early childhood teacher and would like help in knowing what steps she should take next.

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