Top Five Tips For A Great ECE CV

It can be really daunting looking for your first teaching role as a new grad.  We often hear students struggling with knowing what to put in their CV, especially if they haven’t been working in a centre while they studied.

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We asked our Recruitment Specialist Shannon Ellison to give us her top give tips for new grad.

  1. Get your spelling and grammar right! One of the biggest and most basic mistakes I see is spelling and grammar, we work in education so it’s important you get this right.
  2. Paint a picture of you as a teacher. What’s your philosophy, how have you grown as a teacher over time? Philosophies should be personal to you, and be in your own language rather than sounding like it has been lifted straight from a text book.
  3. Be visual. We work in a very visual industry. Add in photos of yourself, or a project you have undertaken or photo’s with children (with permission of course) that helps paint a picture of you as a teacher.
  4. Craft a smart CV. It’s hard when you’re first starting out straight from study. Create a smart CV that combines the knowledge and theory you’ve gained and combine this with snippets of how you’ve put this into practice in your practicums – this would be a great start.
  5. Describe who you are and what’s important to you. It’s very import to use this opportunity to really describe who you are and what is important to you as an ECE professional.  Talk about your passions, your experiences and philosophies so the reader can really get a small snap shot into what you are like as a teacher.

    We hope that helps and of course, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and follow up your application in person, a CV will only ever tell someone one part of the story.  In the ECE profession so much more of what we do is in the practice. Knowing someone will be a great fit for the centre and the team can be conveyed in a phone call so much more.

Stay tuned for our next post “tips for a successful interview”.


3 thoughts on “Top Five Tips For A Great ECE CV”

  1. Bronwyn Formar says:

    Love this Shannon – Great tips!

  2. Sharon Billesdon says:

    Thanks this is just what I needed!

  3. Reenakshi Jain says:

    Great tips! Well thought out, short and sweet and of course adding pictures is an amazing idea.
    Thanks a lot

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