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Sessions for 3 - 5 year olds
*Conditions apply

ABC Aidanfield is a purpose built childcare centre that has a cosy and nurturing environment, with lots of space for the children to learn and play. Our outdoor area is very large which allows us to provide a range of experiences including obstacle course’s also helps develop the child’s gross motor skills, balancing and hand-eye coordination. We are also very fortunate enough to have a very large sandpit that they children enjoy all types of activates in; baking, making tracks for the trucks, making sandcastles and the favourite thing is playing with the water.  At ABC Aidanfield we provide yummy and healthy morning and afternoon teas as well as fantastic lunches provided by our on site cook who has been working with management to provide a healthy and nutritious menu for all the centres within the company.

Our lovely welcoming nursery (Kiwi room) provides care and education for our under 2 children. Primary care is provided for the children in this room, with the child deciding which teacher they would like to choose for this rewarding job. Alongside our curriculum which promotes discovery, confidence, maths, language and social skills they have their own playground and enjoy spending time in their sandpit, riding bikes, reading books or talking to Duchess the rabbit.

The toddler room (Pukeko room) is a fantastic place for the children to build relationships with their peers by engaging in play and generally having a good time. Our teachers work with the children’s interests and extend on these by providing resources and activities that encourage persistence and growth in all the children.

The preschool room (Kea room) is a place where all children are encouraged to take part in activities that are of interest to them, they are given the opportunity to experiment with ideas, ways of thinking and doing things. Our unique Be School Ready initiative helps the children develop the skills needed for the transition from preschool to school.

We understand that parents, family and whanau are the most important part of a child’s life. We support parents/whanau in their parenting journey, working with and alongside them as their child grows and develops, especially taking time to celebrate each and every mile stone along the way.

Please don’t hesitate to call in for a visit any time; we love to show people around our centre. We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Some other things you would expect to see at our centre:

  • A planned programme that reflects children’s current interests
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • Individual portfolios for each child
  • Experienced and qualified teachers who know how to extend children’s learning
  • We have a lovely big playground where the children are encouraged to work with and alongside others to extend discovery and creativity
  • We are in a secluded street where we have a safe and quiet environment

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We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what your child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to the secure platform to see what’s been happening in their day, check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information about this fantastic resource.

Parent Feedback: 

To all the teachers, I want to thank you all for your wonderful kindness and caring for both Kaydence and Chloe during the 4 years we have been with you. You all have seen both the my kids grow and develop into wonderful children and all your hard work in teaching them will defiantly pay off as they are learning new things every day. Thank you Sarah for your love and support, it has been amazing. I am going to miss you all.”

“Acknowledging your love and support to grown such a confident and kind boy. Words cannot express our appreciation and grattitude for the time and energy you have gifted to our son. Again I cannot thank you enough for allowing our son to be part of your ABC community. Especially after I pulled him out for 6 months. I am truly grateful for the time and effort that you all have out into our son. Arohanui.”

“It’s not easy being a working mum, but knowing my boys had a fun,safe place to be made life so much easier. The activities you plan, the messy play, the room you decorate and the friendships you help to foster – it just goes to show you guys are incredible.”

“We cant thank you enough for the amazing care and support you have provided for both Jack and Ava over the last 6 years. Ava especially has been fortunate enough to develop very strong bonds with many of you and it has been a comfort to Daniel and I to know she is being nurtured when we are not there for her.”

“ABC Aidanfield is a great centre. The teachers are caring and fun to be with. The centre is clean, has a lot of toys and learning materials. The kids always learn new things, how to make things, draw, enjoy playing and having fun! Thank you.”

“I absolutely love ABC Aidanfield. The staff are amazing, they really care for my son. I feel in peace leaving my child at their care.”

“The children can play and learn the way they would have if they were home. The teachers have a true love for the children which makes it so much easier when you have to drop them off and head off to work. As a parent I feel guilty many times when I have to drop my child off. It is so reassuring knowing that my child is in good, respectable, loving hands and that I know he is emotionally taken care o f. I take of my hat off to all the staff at my centre as I believe they are the best. Thank you.”

“We, from experience, would highly recommend Aidanfield ABC to our closet and dearest friends and family as a quality and positively nurturing childcare learning centre for their little precious loved ones.”

“Dear ABC, since 2011 each of you played a roll in help raising our children. Thank you for loving them as your own. May you find joy in your job everyday as without you, we as parents can’t work. 

Thank you for everything.”

“We feel very lucky to have the boys attend/be part of such a caring environment. Knowing they are safe and happy during the day makes it easier to e a working parent. Thanks to all who love and care for our boys xo.”

Sarah and the team at ABC, Thank you for all your hard work, long talks and support throughout these last 3 years. Thank you for all the cuddles and love. You made all the difference in Matheus’ life and we will be forever grateful. Matheus will miss ABC Aidanfield and so will I. You guys rock!”