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Sessions for 3 - 5 year olds
*Conditions apply

At ABC Bayfair we provide healthy cooked meals for your children


ABC Bayfair is situated just a few streets back from the beautiful Mount Beach, and across the road from Bayfair shopping mall on a quiet street.

We have a license for 42 children, and will take predominantly 8-10 Babies in our under two (teina) room. And 30-35 in our over twos room, (tuakana).

We encourage, and promote a tuakana/teina feel in our centre, and it is linked through planning and assessment, as well as from room to room, and even from ABC Bayfair to Arataki Primary school where most of our children go to.

Our Teina room, has a home away from home feeling. Children grow up with each other, and it has a very close-knit feel. In December 2016, 7 children transitioned to the over twos room together, they had been with each other since 6months old. Now we have the same happening again, 5 babies, and 5 1- 1½ year olds. Teina room is consistently full, usually by word of mouth.

Our over twos room (tuakana) has a tuakana/teina approach; it is about our families, our children and our parents. We notice what they want, and strive to achieve. We have a priority learner approach to planning and assessment, as well as a strong individual planning approach too which moves each child’s individual goals forward, along with the parent’s aspirations.

We also have a cook, that cooks morning tea, lunch, and Afternoon tea for the children everyday, all along the healthy heart award guidelines”

We’re Be School Ready 

At ABC Bayfair we believe strongly in preparing children for school and life-long learning. Children should feel confident and empowered to be the best learners that they can be. Right from our babies to over two’s we’re noticing and preparing each individual child for school. In Teina we focus on supporting independence and learning to do things for themselves. In Tuakana we have a Be School Ready initiative that we follow. This ensures we’re connecting with local schools with reciprocal relationships bringing us together. We know what schools are expecting for children transitioning and equally as important what we as early childhood are teaching so we have a shared approach.


“Whanaungatanga- having parents, children and the families at the heart of everything we do”

“ABC Bayfair works in partnership with families to provide an excellent standard of care for and educate children, while respecting and celebrating the differences between individuals”



The Learning Community at ABC Bayfair

At ABC Bayfair, we value building warm, nurturing and empowering relationships to create a sense of belonging through effective communication that is positive, clear and honest at all times, building trusting and meaningful partnerships with children, whanau and the community.

  • As partners of the Treaty of Waitangi we recognize Māori as Tangata Whenua and weave Tikanga Māori throughout the curriculum and centre practices to ensure they are inclusive, equitable and culturally appropriate.
  • Promote the Tuakana-Teina approach to children’s learning.  We acknowledge that children learn best through working, talking and playing together with others building relationships with people, places and things within the centre, the wider world of family and community.
  • Implement an emergent curriculum by weaving the principles of Te Whariki, empowering children to see themselves as tinkers, theory makers and inventors where ideas are valued and extended, developing positive habits of mind/learning dispositions that lay the foundations for a life-long love of learning.
  • Recognize children as capable and competent learners who are responsible for making their own decisions through the provision of open-ended learning opportunities that engage the senses provoking wonder, curiosity and intellectual engagement, reflecting the holistic way children grow and learn.
  • Reflect the holistic way children grow and learn
  • Provide a natural environment that is a home away from home , safe, fun and full of adventure.  Flexible learning spaces within this environment enable children to have freedom to lead their own learning through enquiry and problem solving

ABC Bayfair’s intended outcomes for children?

  • To see children happy and engaged in meaningful experiences
  • To see children cared and nurtured for promoting their self- help skills and independence
  • To know children through careful observation and relationships built
  • For children to confidently go about their day using environment areas engagingly, and sustained play is happening for our children throughout the day
  • To see children’s individual goals being moved forward as a result of teachers intentional teaching, planning and assessment
  • To see positive outcomes for our children from following our priority planning groups
  • Children’s’ learning goals/stories show continuity over time, and create depth.

What does ABC Bayfair do particularly well to support children’s learning?

  • Children’s transition to school, relationships with local school (Arataki) We see that what we do here is really making a difference for them when they move on to Primary school. Through having a relationship with our past 5 year olds we are seeing that the goals we helped move them forward here at ABC Bayfair, has given them a great start at school, and they are confident, independent, social, and capable able learners who have a genuine love for learning. Past families come back and give great reports of how well their children are continually doing at school and their teachers comments are glowing.
  • An amazing teina room with inclusive quality practice, only 8 under two’s max, and it is very much about the individual care of each child, promoting self- help skills, independence, and empowerment. This room runs on word of mouth and children waiting to come in. This room consistently has extremely close relationships with families and children.
  • Following and meeting children’s learning goals, we are quite proud that we really strive to show a continuous journey through the child’s stories of how they are developing their goals.

The whole team listens, responds and builds reciprocal relationships with families and children.

 Parent Feedback:

Love the photos of him look at his smile and how happy he is, I can finally say that we finally found somewhere that he is settled and calm at. 
Terangianiwa, yes loves the water which could be a mission for wanting it more but if that’s what his happy place is then so be it. 
Must going to be a water child hehehe 
Well done Terangianiwa Nan and Koko are so proud in you look at your face its just so lit up with happiness 
Thanks ABC Bayfair”

“This is so cool seeing the photos of his daily stuff that he does I am so proud of him and how far he has come. Terangianiwa is finally mixing in with other kids of his age or even being around other kids. I am a proud Nan to this little man and how well he is developing into the centre. Way to go Terangianiwa!”

“SO awesome to see these little people making connections and enjoying playing together. I’ve loved seeing how Ace is developing as he makes more connections at daycare! Thanks for the photos!”

“Thanks for sharing these photos team, put a big smile on my face seeing my little man enjoying the environment.”

“Yes you are awesome Jess!! thank you for everything you all do for our babies!! Seeing the story park photos makes my whole week 🙂 
Awesome cooking skills everyone! This has given me the idea to get Marewa to help in the kitchen more often. Just seeing how engaged they are in doing it all themselves and giving it all a go. Love it!!”


Education Review Office Quoted May 2017 with a Strong 3 year return:

“…there is a calm and settled pace that enables children time and space to lead their own learning”

“…reported ratios of staff to children are better than minimum requirements”

“…a high level of whanau participation contributes to the culturally responsive curriculum, children’s sense of belonging, and confidence that they are valued”

“…areas of play are richly resourced, and children are empowered to engage in sustained play and learning”

“…ABC Bayfair have a clear vision and high expectations for the education and care of children, in partnership with whanau”

“…relationships are based on respect, trust and reciprocity”


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Click here to read our centre’s latest ERO Report.



We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what your child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to the secure platform wherever you are in the world to see what’s been happening in their day, check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information about this fantastic resource.


The SunSmart Centre Accreditation programme provides Cancer Society approved guidelines on how to make centres a safe place for children and the centre’s community.

Being a SunSmart accredited centre shows that our centres:

  • are committed to protecting children, staff and parents from the risks of UV radiation
  • are raising awareness about the importance of skin protection among parents and children
  • promote the centres within the community as one that is committed to the health of its children
  • have a sun protection policy that follows the Cancer Society minimum criteria
  • promote and support positive sun protection behaviours such as hat wearing
  • are developing and maintaining a sunsafe environment


Parent Feedback:

“Thanks Hayley, I love the effort you put in to get creative with the kids, Lilly raves about all the awesome things she has been doing and making with you lately and she is super excited to show off all her works of art”

“Lisa (Infants/Toddlers Head Teacher) made the experience so easy for me. I didn’t want to go back to work and put my son into a daycare, but Lisa assured me that she would take great care of my son. Lisa is so caring, loving and passionate about her job and really puts the time and effort into the children and the parents. I would highly recommend Lisa as a teacher to any parent as she really knows what she is doing and goes that extra mile.”

“The highlight of our enrolment is the staff – the friendliness, competency and quality care that they give to my daughter.”

“I love it! She loves it!, That’s my main priority! Everyone is friendly and welcoming, I love how they interact with the children and know each of them and the families personally. Thank you all for being amazing!”

“I highly recommend ABC Bayfair for pre-schoolers to attend because the staff do a great job of looking after and teaching the children, and we have a lot of laughs.”

“Love the centre, they have made me feel very welcome. Didn’t think twice about enrolling my baby. Openly recommend the centre any chance I get. My children LOVE the staff and enjoy coming every day. They have advanced in their social skills and learning abilities tremendously. Thanks to all the staff.”

“The baby room feels like home”

“Fundraising for the bunnies! Shari enjoying being a bunny herself! Thanks ABC Bayfair for these wonderful fun days!”