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ABC Blenheim Central is  located in two beautiful converted villas.  Our centre has a very home-like feeling, helping children and families feel welcome and comfortable.

Unique learning spaces

Each villa has areas where children can work with a group of friends or explore on their own, resources are accessible to children on open shelving enabling children to investigate and develop skills using their unique individual learning styles.

Both villas provide an environment and curriculum that meets the needs of the children attending and teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about the age group they work alongside.

Although we have two separate classrooms we are one cohesive community, we value and respect cultural differences and similarities ensuring we incorporate the needs of each child and family in a way which supports self-esteem and a sense of belonging.


Infants and toddlers – Tahi Villa.

This environment is safe, warm, and stimulating for our younger community, children have space to explore, climb, run or have a quiet moment, learning in their own time developing confidence as they go.

The daily routine of each child is nurtured and supported to enable continuity from home to preschool – we work around the child’s needs and your aspirations, no rushing or pressure.


Preschool children – Rua Villa.

This environment encourages the development of self-help skills, opportunities to create their own spaces and contribute to daily activities.  We have a connecting gate between our two villas which we open throughout the day to allow children to move between villas making tuakana/teina a very strong practice (relationships and learning between older and younger children).

The outdoor area in our Preschool is changed regularly supporting children as they develop their imaginations and confidence to push themselves to their next goal. There is plenty of outdoor space to climb, run, explore, grow vegetables and fruit, with sun safe shades and sheltered areas to ensure the outdoor experience is a great one.

The teaching team at Rua develop and deliver a curriculum to meet individual needs and parent aspirations this is fun; and child centred, at a pace which extends learning and the development of life skills.


Preparation for school

Our “Be School Ready” is an initiative which is unique to BestStart centres. We provide a calm and focused centre environment for our children to focus on investigation and exploration which develops their curiosity and helps support a love of learning. We also go on regular excursions in the community – visiting the library, theatre, dancing class, local shops, art gallery, school visits or to the park for a picnic tea. These experiences help children to build confidence and knowledge, all designed to support your child to be prepared for school when the time comes.


Healthy meals

Children have healthy meals and snacks made fresh every day by our Cook, we work closely with the Heart Foundation to ensure meals provide everything children need to meet their cultural, developmental, allergy and parental preferences.

We have a Healthy Heart Award! For more information on the Healthy Heart Programme, click here!













We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what your child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to the secure platform to see what’s been happening in their day, check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information about this fantastic resource.

Click here to read our centre’s latest ERO Report.

What makes us a good choice

  • A curriculum that extends from the Centre into the community and community into Centre
  • A Centre teaching philosophy which is proactive in creating opportunities to be independent and confident
  • A warm welcome and genuine relationships with children and their families
  • Flexible routines and the best outcomes possible for children are at the heart of our curriculum.

Click here to read our centre’s latest ERO Report.


Parent Feedback

“My daughter recently celebrated her birthday and some people who attended the party commented on how well behaved the kids were. Majority of the children were all from the same classroom and I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers for supporting the parents in making sure that good behaviour is recognised and encouraged while they are at daycare. I have thought about the way Eleanor has been settled during her 18 months at daycare and there is nothing that I can think of that needs improvement settling wise 😊 all I can do is commend you on your processes. 

The processes you have in place around settling to sleep are great, I don’t know about other parents but I will admit I was nervous about how Eleanor would settle to sleep at daycare / continue to sleep with other kids waking at different times etc but she took it all in her stride. I think its great how you don’t try to change the children’s routines when they start daycare you just work around their schedules, I think that’s the key to getting them to adjust/ settle in so well. 

Having the sleep forms are great – the teachers know from the start how kids are settled and what helps them to settle e.g. blankie, toy, dummy. And when sleep patterns start changing, it’s great being able to note these down and have it signed off so everyone is on the same page.” 

“It was so easy to get my baby settled and happy  which made me settled and happy – everyone is so kind and will do their best to help.”
“No matter what my problem is or how big it looks to me I know I just have to call the centre and they will go out of there way to support me – great when your a single parent and just need someone to say your doing a good job everything is ok and normal!!!”  

“Love the way the teachers talk about school as being a cool place to go.” 


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