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ABC Cashmere is a family focused childcare centre located in the heart of Cashmere. At ABC Cashmere we pride ourselves on strong community connections and meaningful relationships with whānau and tamariki; working in collaboration with each and every whānau to ensure that we can provide the best possible care and education for their child.

ABC Cashmere has two separate buildings.

The first building is home to our Nursery and Toddler rooms.  It is a lovely villa that has been refurbished to mimic and encompass the inviting and soothing atmosphere of a home.

The second building is a new addition which has two separate rooms that have been purpose-built to accommodate 3-4 year old children and 4-5 year old children.

Both of our outdoor environments are inclusive of the natural environment and children flourish in the spaces we have on offer.  The 2-5 year old outdoor space is second to none!  It is vastly spacious, brilliantly designed and beautifully resourced.  We also boast a very natural and well enjoyed secret garden area where our children engage in gardening, composting and worm farms.

Our Nursery (aged 0-2 years)
The ABC Cashmere Nursery is renowned for its nurturing and intimate atmosphere.  With a maximum of 12 children, combined with a team of highly experienced and passionate teachers, infants and toddlers are able to thrive.  Our thoughtfully created indoor and outdoor spaces provide children endless opportunities to experience and explore their surrounding world.

We offer primary care for children in the Nursery. Teachers work one on one with you and your child as their sole caregiver. This relationship creates a trusting bond with your child and Whānau which in turn assists with settling, transitioning and your child’s overall well being and belonging.  The Nursery has a warm and inviting sleep area, separate from daily learning and play. It is quiet and peaceful with individual cots and/or beds for each child, which makes their sleeping experience very comfortable.

For new infants and babies, daily routines are extremely important; routines such as nappy changing, bottle and kai time and sleep times allow a child to feel a sense of security knowing their needs will be met.  All of the routines within our Nursery are purposely unhurried and valued, creating a feeling of safety and love.  During these precious 1:1 times teachers are deliberate in their actions and engagement, taking special time with each and every child.

We have a strong emphasis on nurturing tamariki to explore their natural world and discovering the wonder within it.  Our teaching team are deeply focused on the high quality care, fostering of learning and overall emotional development of children in their room.

Our Toddler Room (ages 2-3 years)                                                                     

Within our Toddler Room, we have carefully designed an environment that is grounded in research surrounding the developmental and emotional needs of toddlers.  The Toddler Room is full of activities, experiences and resources that are extremely purposeful.  The focus always being on fostering children’s sense of well-being, supporting their confidence, enhancing the development of relationships and nurturing their communication.  The caring and knowledgeable teaching team are acutely mindful of developmental ages and stages and provided carefully planned learning for both individuals and groups within this room.

The Toddler Room children are also fortunate enough to share their outside environment with the older children from the Prep Room.  This mixed aged outdoor play environment provides a high quality learning experience where toddlers have the opportunity to engage, play and learn alongside their older peers.

Our Pre School Room (aged 3-4 years)

The Pre School room provides children access to both in and outdoor play throughout the day.  We have a strong focus on exploration and social interactions.  Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are created and resourced to provide ample opportunities to explore and develop physical skills as well.  In the preschool room, children are also encouraged and supported to learn how to problem sole in a range of ways.  They learn how to hypothesise, how to ask questions, how to research and find answers and how things work.  Preschool children are given more freedom and autonomy to explore creatively.  Teachers guide and support learning but they focus a lot more on the environment as the “third teacher”.

Our Prep Room (aged 4-5 years)

The Prep School at ABC Cashmere caters to our oldest age group within the centre. In this room we are committed to providing a mix between structures and free play that enables the children to learn and develop by exploring their interests, working with others and challenging themselves.  Ongoing engagement with highly skilled teachers, the prep room children are supported to further develop their social skills, working on their collaboration, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.  The environment is set out to encourage and support children with their self-help skills and responsibility.  Throughout the day we also have small group times, where children are provided experiences that focus on different areas of learning.  Teachers guide and support children’s interests by scaffolding, challenging and extending their knowledge.

Overall, ABC Cashmere provides an  educational and care experience for children of all ages and their whānau that is of extremely high quality.  We combine experience, knowledge and endless passion to produce the best learning outcomes for children.

Please feel free to come and visit us at any time – no appointment necessary.


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We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what your child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to the secure platform to see what’s been happening in their day, check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information about this fantastic resource.

Parent Feedback:

“My son started in the nursery a few months back.  The teachers were very passionate and caring towards him while we were doing some settling visits.  They were also very welcoming and supportive toward my partner and I which was great because she was so nervous about starting back at work and putting him into day-care.  We were so grateful for the extra time the teachers spent talking with us and keeping us in the loop with our son’s time at nursery; this was especially encouraging for us over his first few weeks when we were the most nervous.  The teachers in the nursery are the reason the nursery is so warm and inviting.   We also really love that there are only a handful of children and a separate sleeping area”

“The teachers are very caring , warm and welcoming for not just our children but also for us as an entire family unit.”