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Sessions for 3 - 5 year olds
*Conditions apply

ABC Hayman Park, located in the heart of Manukau, offers high quality education and childcare for children from 3mths to 5 years old. Our teachers promote positive self-esteem and encourage children to be respectful, sensitive and thoughtful towards each other and their environment. Opportunities to learn are not limited by ethnicity, ability, age or gender and children develop an awareness of our society’s cultural diversity.

We develop supportive partnerships with family and whanau in the interests of their children. Our learning environment encompasses the principles set out in the NZ Curriculum Tiriti o Waitangi as well as meeting the needs of  our culturally diverse families.

We encourage healthy physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Our environment encourages children to interact and develop relationships with others through play and our natural, well-resourced playground provides a range of challenges for the children.

Our commitment to biculturalism is strong with the inclusion of tikanga and Te Reo in our curriculum. We are very lucky that our centre is multicultural and we incorporate aspects of these cultures too.

Pukeko Room (0 to 2 years)

The staff in the Pukeko Room believe in fostering a warm, caring environment where children feel safe and secure. Trust and respect underpin our philosophy. We create strong relationships between children, whanau and teachers and implement Primary Caregiving so children can build a secure attachment with one teacher by sharing loving and respectful care moments and routines.

We nurture independence and social skills, creating a rich learning environment where our youngest children can explore, have choice and the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

As teachers we have a strong commitment to the quality care and education of our children. It is important to us to encourage the inherent curiosity that every child has in abundance. We strive to foster a love of learning that will stay with children for life.

Tui Room (2 years to 3.5 years) 

The Tui Room programme encourages continuous learning and growth experiences. We are committed to providing a safe and caring atmosphere in which children can explore and learn. We take pride in developing an age appropriate curriculum that corresponds to each child’s development.

Toddlers learn through play and need to be provided with many varied opportunities to explore and experiment through hands-on activities. Our activities promote optimal physical, emotional, cognitive and social development while teaching respect for oneself and others and building positive self-esteem.

As professional teachers, we believe that our role within early childhood education, is about creating a desire within children to learn, supporting children to develop and build upon lifelong learning dispositions.

Kiwi Room (3.5 years to 4.5 years)

In the Kiwi Room, we have a big open area where the room is set according to different curriculum areas, including the deck and a separate music room. The large allocated areas, ensure that the children have enough room to explore and create with no disturbances.

We provide a relaxed structured routine for the children, where the children are able to play and get ready for school at the same time. The room is regularly changed around to suit and cater for the children and their interests. Teachers in the Kiwi room are able to provide learning opportunities for the children to further develop their skills. Through the day, children are encouraged to play in small groups and among teachers which encourages and supports children’s confidence and language development.

Ruru Room (4.5 years to 5 years) -Be School Ready Programmme

In Ruru Room, we have five groups in each session with a major focus on our Be School Ready programme.  Our unique Be School Ready initiative encourages children to become confident and capable learners and prepares them for the classroom environment. The teachers use a project approach to learning, where the children work together along with their teachers to plan, negotiate and work through their interest based projects. Their interest based learning experiences are enhanced with real world connections, field trips and projects that makes their learning as engaging and self-motivated as possible.

The children are provided with a stimulating, literacy and numeracy rich learning environment with open ended provocations for children to make discoveries.  We incorporate inquiry based learning approach to increase children’s curiosity, motivation and engagement; guiding them through questions, research and curiosity hence fostering their creative thinking, understanding concepts, inquiry processes and above all   their love for learning.

The teachers also encourage parents involvement by communicating with parents on daily basis both verbally as well as via Storypark, providing ideas about how they can assist their child at home in preparation for a smooth transitioning process for primary school.


We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what you child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to the secure platform wherever you are in the world to see what’s been happening in their day, check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information about this fantastic resource.

ERO Reports

Tahi Room Report

Rua Room Report


We have a Gold Healthy Heart Award! Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award.


Parent Feedback

“ABC Hayman Park is a great pre-school! The staff is making great efforts towards helping me raise my child into a great person. He loves his teachers and friends so much and is now a different boy from the boy that started a year ago.”

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