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At ABC Russley in Burnside relationships are at the heart of our centre.  We value strong, reciprocal relationships between our children, whānau and our wider community. We encourage lifelong learning through  tuakana teina relationships and Ako, where our children work together and learn from one another.  We provide a fun and inviting  environment that promotes respect, independence and communication for all.

Every child at ABC Russley has their own Key Teacher. This unique key teacher approach is evident across all three classrooms through the love and trusting relationships that each child and their whānau have within our centre.  This enables our tamariki to develop a secure attachment with a special teacher who works closely with the whole family to provide the best learning outcomes for your child. This relationship then promotes a secure environment where children feel valued and encouraged to follow their interests and drive their own  learning, strengthened by the learning journey they have alongside their key teacher.

We view tamariki as unique individuals capable of driving their own learning through making their own choices and initiating play opportunities. We facilitate opportunities for the tamariki to build on their own interests, strengths and to develop social competencies enabling them to grow up as competent and confident learners. Through providing this holistic environment, tamariki establish a strong, safe and secure sense of belonging.  Every child is celebrated and acknowledged for what they bring; their culture, customs and the knowledge they share.


All our kaiako are professionals who are passionate about their role and blessed with a sense of humour. We have the ability to look at the world through the eyes of a tamariki ensuring that all our daily interactions are filled with fun and laughter.


Nursery (3 months-2 years)

In our nursery we have a strong focus on each individual child’s care and learning. We ensure all interactions are authentic and responsive where needs and wants are heard and met. Interactions are respectful, informing children about what is happening and letting them feel empowered in their environment and building their sense of contribution. Respect, independence, love, security and a sense of belonging happens.

Preschool (2 years-3.5 years)

Our preschool provides a fun, meaningful and child driven learning environment where fun and a sense of humour is essential. The preschool places an emphasis on promoting respect, communication and independence. Through using rich language, encouraging the use of both verbal and nonverbal skills to communicate and resolve conflicts with one and another and skills to express themselves in a variety of different ways helps to provide the children with skills and strategies to build and maintain relationships with others.

Prep School (3.5 years – School)

In the prep school we have a developed transition to school programme which supports both children and parents with the next stage of their child’s education journey. Our environment is set to spark curiosity, encourage collaboration and strengthen communication. We focus on ensuring our children are respectful, Confident, competent and responsible and who are flexible thinkers that have a real love of learning.


Ask us about our unique Be School Ready initiative

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Parent Feedback:

“Thank you so much for all the love you have all given our beautiful boys over the past six years at ABC Russley. You really have been like an extension to our family and we will all miss you! I never imagined that a preschool would be so enriching for a child’s first education, both boys have just thrived on your teaching. You all do such an amazing job and we really admire your enthusiasm and patience. We really appreciated it!”

“Each and every one of you have played such an important part in our daughters life for the past 2 half years and given her the best possible start. And no matter what else has been going in her world, you have given her a safe place, full of warmth, fun and learning and we will be forever grateful for that”