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Sessions for 3 - 5 year olds
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FREE SESSIONS for 3-5 year olds!

EduKids Papakura childcare centre is Papakura’s hidden gem, we’re nestled away in a quiet residential street away from hustle and bustle. We’ve been open 2015 and we keep adapting to meet the growing needs of our community ensuring that we are deliver an enriched learning environment for the tamariki within our local community. EduKids Papakura has 3 learning environments which are across 3 rooms.

We pride ourselves on our teaching team alongside our quality care through the passion and dedication that the team brings every day.

Our Kahurangi Room (Infants 3 months – 2 years)

The Kahurangi (Infants) room provides the best quality care for our infants. We create the best relationships we can with children and all members of their whanau, ensuring that everyone gains a sense of belonging within the centre. We plan for the children based on their current interests and understand that they are constantly learning through everything they do, we aim to be flexible with our planning. Spontaneous play and learning is nurtured with the Kahurangi room. The teachers are very responsive to the children’s cues and know the children well, knowing exactly what they need and work alongside, supporting each child’s own routine and rhythm. We’re constantly challenging children to take the next step and provide them with support to allow them to do this in their own time.

Our Pounamu Room (Toddlers 2 years to 3-3.5 years)

The Pounamu (Toddler) room provides a bright and exciting room supporting ongoing challenges for the tamariki both mentally and physically. The tamariki within the Pounamu room are engaged in their learning, interests and goals and we plan our day around them and the aspirations of their whanau. We find importance in developing strong relationships with parents, caregivers, and children, and a strong sense of belonging is valued within the centre. We pride ourselves on using respectful care practices with tamariki. We understand within this age group children are just developing a strong understanding around friendships, themselves, their self-help abilities as well as necessary social skills within a group learning environment.

Our Kawakawa Room (PreSchool 3 years to 5 years)

In the Kawakawa (PreSchool) room we strive to create and maintain a whānau environment, a home away from home. We provide a wide range of learning experiences that link to our children’s interests and developmental needs. There are a wide variety of educational resources that support our children’s thinking and learning. As a teaching team, we are involved in our children’s play and learning while remaining at their level, our children’s needs always come first.  We explore verbal and nonverbal communicative experiences alongside the children through the use of sign language, visuals and verbal language. Kawakawa aims to be a highly inclusive environment with holistic approaches. We encourage physical education by providing new and exciting physical challenges through music and movement, the outdoor playground, group fitness and obstacle courses. We have a bicultural environment where tikanga Maori is respected and Te Reo is heard throughout the day. We talk openly with parents about their child’s needs and interests, and incorporate their feedback into our planning for their child.


At EduKids Papakura we work hard on building an environment that reflects each of our children. There is a strong emphasis on our bicultural commitment to providing an inclusive, supportive and educational learning environment for all our tamariki and whanau. All our rooms work hard to implement and adjust this focus to their specific age group.

We would like to welcome you to visit our centre, have a look around, meet our wonderful team and see our children enjoying EduKids Papakura! We look forward to seeing you soon.


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Individual children’s portfolios show evidence of how we value continuity of children’s learning and their whānau contributions throughout their time with us. Additional to our portfolios we are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. These are a great way to keep up to date with what you child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to check out photos of them and comment on their activities.


Parent Feedback:

“Dear Teachers,

Last night after cooking dinner, feeding my children , reading bed time stories and finally turning on the dishwasher I felt this sense of tiredness coming over me and I just thought about all the teachers at day-care. We are so exhausted after a day at work and then you still have to be super mom at night and the understanding loving wife.

Our kid’s teachers still have to fill all of these roles at night , after a busy , not always so easy day with 15+ toddlers and babies.

Thank you for teaching our kids how to wash their hands, eat with a fork, clean up toys, wait in line patiently, take turns, and so many other life skills – all to the rhythm of upbeat tunes. After a long work day, it’s nice that dinner is just a bit more civil and enjoyable.

Thanks for providing a safe and fun place for our babies to explore and release their boundless energy. Whether it’s rainy or sunny outside, we appreciate your dedication to keeping toddlers active and being resourceful with hula hoops, bikes and more.

Finally, thank you for loving our kids, for giving them hugs when they’re sad or hurt, for sending us photos and notes about their day.

You are little rays of lights in this phase of toddlerhood.

Best Regards


“I would like to thank the EduKids Papakura team for all of the hard work that you all do, my son really enjoyed attending your centre and is now ready to go to school. Thank you as well to the management team who are very supportive and easy to talk to. Great Job!”