First Steps Clarence Street

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Sessions for 3 - 5 year olds
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First Steps Clarence Street is a beautiful old converted villa situated in central Hamilton. We have a warm homely feel when you walk through our doors enabling your child to feel safe and secure in their learning environment. We provide care and education for children aged three months to five years and offer a range of booking hours to suit your needs.

Our teachers are passionate about the development and growth of your child and encourage them to reach their full potential, We provide a challenging but safe environment that caters to their interests, passions, developmental stages and aspirations of whānau. We’ll follow the lead of our tāmariki and teach fundamental skills through a range of curriculum areas that interest them.

Our centre has two separate rooms; Nursery which caters for children under two and Preschool which is for children from two years old until they go to school.

Nursery (children under two)

Nursery teachers at First Steps Clarence work in collaboration with you to keep the transition between home and childcare seamless. We’ll match your home routines and introduce them to new experiences throughout the day. We begin our Be School Ready Initiative giving your child opportunities to develop relationships, creativity, language skills, independence, and physical skills. As they move to preschool they then learn how to develop these skills further using them in many teacher and child led experiences.

Preschool (children two and over)

In preschool, we extend your child as they move towards becoming school ready. We’ll collaborate with you to develop goals your child can work towards. We offer a wide range of experiences that follow their current interests. We see your child as a leader of their learning and often look to them to share their knowledge with their peers and teachers alike. Your child will be encouraged to investigate their interests to gain a more in-depth understanding. They will also be given opportunities to discover new interests and further their knowledge through basic literacy and numeracy concepts.

Our Be School Ready Initiative will provide your child with the tools to transition to school comfortably. Your child will move onto their next learning journey as a confident and capable, lifelong learner and we believe this starts as soon as possible.

At First Steps Clarence we enjoy excursions around our immediate environment, and day trips away with help from our parents.

The children’s meals are made every day by our talented cook, and we’re working towards a Healthy Heart Award. We take great pride in serving food to the children that is nutritional and fuel for learning that will sustain them throughout the day.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our First Steps whānau.

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We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what your child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information.

We have a Healthy Heart Award!

For more information on the Healthy Heart Programme, click here!
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Our Stories:

Learning through play in the nursery at First Steps Clarence

Hanging around at First Steps Clarence

Painted Hands at First Steps Clarence

Parent Feedback:

“Overall I am sooo happy with the care my child and our family has received at First Steps Clarence. Please share our thanks and pleasure with all staff. We were made to feel welcome right from the get go and I am very thankful for the cooperation with my child’s external supports he receives at kindy that you and others are so invested in his learning and development.  I recommend First Steps to all parents looking for these values. Continue to create, imagine, extend and grow language development and fun”

“We love First Steps Clarence Street! Our kids have excelled under the care of the nurturing teachers at the centre and we are always made to feel welcome. The centre itself is in a great location and has a nice homely feel to it.”

“The centre is so welcoming and accepting of all cultures. The teachers are respectful and always approachable. My daughter had a really good time at First Steps Clarence and she developed great social skills and literacy skills that supported her transition to school. The centre always provided very healthy meals and she was encouraged to eat healthy which supported her well being.”

“Thank you for lovely coffee, I was able to give the muffins to two different staff members so your pay it forward went to 4 different people.”