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ERO has rated BestStart Kilmarnock Street in the top 7% of NZ childcare centres providing positive learning outcomes for children

Come and join us at BestStart Kilmarnock Street.  Our preschool whᾱnau is made up of children, parents, family members and teachers from all around the world.  Between our team of teachers, we speak lots of different languages fluently including Mᾱori, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Nepalese, Punjabi and Sri Lankan.  Our team of teachers are experienced and know how to support a baby, toddler or young child’s learning and development. We have well-resourced rooms and encourage children to learn through exploring what interests them as well as providing planned group experiences.

Your child’s individual needs will be met here at BestStart Kilmarnock Street.  We specialise in catering for children’s age and developmental stages in our three separate classrooms.  After discussions with you, children transition to each classroom as they grow and develop new skills. We believe that having three classrooms better supports children’s learning and development as we can provide many age specific experiences and resources that grow your children’s knowledge and capabilities.

Our unique outdoor area provides safe spaces for children to learn, explore, challenge themselves and gain confidence over their bodies.  Our large foyer gives us a convenient space for the regular whole centre activities that we provide for our children.  Teachers also use this space for games, sports and dancing experiences to extend children’s learning.  For your convenience, we are located close to town and are within walking distance of Westfield Mall, Riccarton.  Your child will also be provided with a nutritious morning and afternoon tea each day consisting of a selection of fruit as well as something else tasty such as cheese toasties, biscuits, crackers and baking.  We have also worked hard to achieve a Bronze Healthy Heart Award and are currently working towards gaining a Silver award.

欢迎您报名加入BestStart Kilmarnock Street 幼儿园!我们幼儿园的特色之一就是我们有来自世界各地的小朋友,家长和老师。因此我们的老师可以说多种不同的语言,其中包括毛利语,普通话,日语,印度语,尼泊尔语,旁遮普语和斯里兰卡语。同时,我们专业的教师团队对婴幼儿及学龄前儿童的教育和学习方面有着丰富的理论知识和实践经验。秉持着因材施教的理念,我们Edukids Kilmarnock幼儿园有三个班级以适应小朋友不同的成长和学习阶段。每个班都会根据各自小朋友的实际情况来安排他们每日的学习和作息。当小朋友的成长和学习情况适合于转到下一个班时,我们会根据每个孩子的情况,在与家长沟通的前提下,协助孩子和家长顺利适应新班级的学习和生活。

Pepi Taonga Room

Our Pepi room is for the youngest members of our Kilmarnock family, aged approximately 3 months to 2 years old.  This room has been designed to provide a safe space for our infants, while giving our toddlers room to challenge themselves and acquire new skills.  We also have a large and quiet room for children to have uninterrupted sleeps.  In our Pepi room, we love our individuality.  Each child and family is unique and the Pepi teachers value the cultures, heritage and beliefs that you bring into the room.  We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we have with the children and families in our centre.  One way we help these relationships develop is by implementing a key teacher practice where one teacher is responsible for getting to know your child really well. They will be the main person changing their nappy, giving them bottles and putting them to bed. We believe this supports your child to feel safe and secure away from family and therefore develop a strong sense of belonging really quickly.  We encourage open communication with our families so that we can provide the best holistic learning opportunities for our children.


Wheke Room

Our Wheke Room is for children aged approximately 2 to 3 and a half years old.  In this room, children learn to become confident and independent learners, by spending lots of time exploring and discovering the world around them.  We provide opportunities for your children to develop their independence and self-help skills, encouraging them to take risks and solve problems.  We have group times during the day where we provide children with a range of learning opportunities through stories, music and movement.  Teachers encourage children to direct where they would like to take their learning journey and they are provided with many opportunities to explore their interests.  We also offer a separate room for the children who need to have an afternoon sleep during their time with us.


Mako Room

The Mako room is for our older children aged approximately 3 and a half to 5 years old.  The teachers in this room have a strong focus on getting children ready for school so that they leave our centre with confidence, independence, self-help skills and well developed social skills.  Our programme and daily routines enable our children to extend these skills in order to become competent learners, ready to begin their new adventures at school.  We begin each morning with a mat time very similar to a new entrance structure.  We offer a range of stimulating and age appropriate experiences throughout the day and respect their choices to encourage ownership of their own learning.


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Be School Ready Initiative
Our exceptional Be School ReadyTM initiative encourages children’s learning and development around what they will need for school such as independence, self-help skills, being able to express themselves and taking responsibility for their own learning. Our aim is to provide children with a love of learning within a play based curriculum.  We know we have achieved this when children leave our centre with curiosity, perseverance and a strong sense of themselves as a valued member of a group.  These dispositions will allow your children to be ready to learn the academic skills taught in school.

We’d love you and your family to join us here at EduKids Kilmarnock, so please feel free to email or call us for more information, or simply drop in for a visit.

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We are excited to offer our families access to Storypark e-portfolios. They are a great way to keep up to date with what your child is doing while at the centre. You can log in to the secure platform to see what’s been happening in their day, check out photos of them and comment on their activities. Click here for more information about this fantastic resource.

Parent Feedback:

“Thank you teachers and staff at Edukids Kilmarnock for everything you do to take care of and support our daughter and our family”

“Thank you very much for the support you have provided for our son and our family over the past few months.  Thanks for being so accommodating and caring”

“A very BIG thank you to all the teachers and caregivers at Edukids Kilmarnock who looked after our daughter and taught her over the last 5 years.  You are all really awesome and are doing a fantastic job.  We will miss you all”.

“I love the Pepi room so much.  My son is so happy there and sees his teachers as an extension to his own family”.

“Thank you for all the love and support you have given to me and my children.  They are always so happy and I can see they are beautifully cared for.  I don’t think twice about leaving them.  The communication and advice you offer has helped me so much.  My family are so lucky to have you looking after our children”.

“We are extremely satisfied with the Team at Kilmarnock Steet in Christchurch.  You can really tell it is a happy work place when you come in to collect or drop off. We look forward to also sending our wee girl there when she is old enough. Thanks”.

“Absolutely comfortable with my children being here as this is obvious in the length of time we have been with you guys. I and my husband are both extremely busy people and this is acknowledged by the staff and we are always well looked after and accommodated”.

“I just want you all to reflect on how truly wonderful passionate teachers you all are in your own unique ways, which is why you ignite so well as a team. We are all dearly blessed as parents to have you all in our children’s lives when we cannot be there. You are the community they talk about in which raises our children up to be everything they can be. You are the ones who have helped install the love, time and energy in my boys. You are all leaders in nurturing our future which awaits us. You are the strength in which builds and binds strong relationships with our children. You are all true example of love, time, patience and energy entails to raise our children, leader in our future. Thank you”