Montessori Rangimarie Childrens House

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Montessori Rangimarie is a two classroom preschool, located in Johnsonville near Onslow College. Our fully qualified and Montessori trained teachers have a passion for working with young children, encouraging them to fulfill their learning potential in ways that best suit the individual needs of your child.

Our vision

“Growing independent children with a strong awareness of themselves as capable learners and the part they play in society as a global whole”.

Our philosophy

We have written our philosophy at Montessori Rangimarie together with our teachers, parents and children. Rangimarie means PEACE and Montessori holds PEACE close to the heart too, so what better way than to describe our preschool than with PEACE at its very heart.

Our philosophy encompasses Independence, Respect, Tuakana Teina, a Caring Community and Professional Development.

  1. Independence – Dr Montessori’s principles and practices of independent self-motivated learning are interwoven with Te Whāriki.
  2. Respect – We honour the Treaty of Waitangi through our bicultural curriculum and respect the cultures of our global community.
  3. Tuakana Teina – Our mixed age ranges encourage diversity of interests and abilities and offer the freedom to take chances and risks.
  4. Caring Community – Our teaching practices value continuous learning for everyone in the community as children share their experiences at home and at preschool.
  5. Professional Development – Continuous improvement of effective practice is reflected upon through extra learning opportunities.

Our environment

Our classrooms have an aura of peace and tranquility. Your child is free to choose to work in whatever areas of the curriculum interest and excite them. They will learn a deep understanding of respect for themselves, others, and the equipment they use.

Our unique multicultural makeup means we have a broad expanse of languages spoken in our classrooms as we have children from all over the world attend. We encourage families to help us create a place where everyone feels welcome, a strong sense of belonging, and that the family values and experiences they share are precious to us.


Building capable learners

Children learn through a variety of ways. At Montessori Rangimarie you child will learn through visual experiences, appreciating the beauty and preciseness of the equipment in the classroom. They will learn aurally as our quiet classrooms enable them to develop their concentration and listening skills. Finally, your child will learn kinesthetically – by hands on experiences. Dr Marie Montessori said “The hand is the instrument of the mind” and it is with this constantly in our minds that our children learn how to care for themselves, their environment, and all those that are part of it.

Be School Ready

Our Be School Ready programme is carefully designed to support individual children’s abilities as they move to primary school. We support you and your child as they develop the skills and attitudes for being a lifelong learner. Those children that leave us at age 5 are confident and capable as they transition into local schools, and our 6 year olds connecting with the Montessori class at Tawa School are confident and capable of integrating into their classroom of 6-12 year olds.


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