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Topkids Mangorei education and childcare centre is located close to Merrilands Mall and New Plymouth Girls High School.  We are “making the world a better place” through the mindful choices we make every day, ensuing we have a positive impact on ourselves, each other and our environment, because we know that every action counts.

We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.30pm, welcoming children from birth to school age. We offer morning and afternoon sessions as well as full day attendance to support your family’s needs.

At TopKids Mangorei we choose to make the world a better place through:


  • We build respectful relationships with you and your child, that reflect a deep sense of care and kindness – every action counts in making everyone’s day better.
  • Your child will gain real life experiences through regular planned and spontaneous excursions into our community utilising local public transport, building on their sense of being a part of our whole community.
  • Your child will feel a sense of belonging within our centre and be confident to welcome our extended family and visitors to the centre as they share their knowledge and expertise with us.


  • You and your child will be part of our commitment to sustainability, your child will develop an ecological awareness, learning to respect and care for our environment and to have strong connections with nature and the natural world
  • Your child will learn the importance of being mindful in the choices they make during their day. Being part of Topkids Mangorei means you and your child will be part of our initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle, lunch box day is waste paper free and our gardens are planted mindfully with vegetables and herbs that will feed us and our community
  • Sustainable practices are woven throughout our day for example we have a tank to collect rainwater inviting children to explore and understand the importance of  water in our natural world and wet bags are provided, removing the need for plastic bags.


At Topkids Mangorei we want every child, parent, family member and person in the community we meet, greet and connect with during the day to feel that we have made their world a better place. We would love you to come on this journey with us. Have a look at a day in our toddler room below.

Parent Feedback:

“I just love hearing about and seeing how my child is developing confidence in the outdoors as well as making friends. Makes the guilt of working so much easier knowing he is interacting and having fun”

“It means a lot that you all care enough to jump through staffing hoops and take time to support our family”

“Daily diary is a very cool idea. Love to see the updates of my little girl, she looks happy as”! 


We are pleased to be able to offer e-portfolios to our families through Storypark. This allows our children and families the opportunity to connect with family and friends, from all over the world and keep them up to date with what has been happening here at TopKids Mangorei. We utilise Storypark to provide our parents/whanau with photos of their child’s day and an opportunity to read about the precious moments happening in real time through our community ‘daily diary’ posts. We encourage families to download the free app for Storypark which supports families to instantly comment on any learning stories, video’s and our daily diary posts.

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We have a Healthy Heart Award

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Healthy Heart Foundation

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Baby massage at TopKids Mangorei

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Special people’s breakfast at TopKids Mangorei

TopKids Mangorei Puanga celebration


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