Infants and babies

Professional DevelopmentBabies have specific needs of their own. They love to look at new things and explore the world around them. In our home-like centres we ensure each baby receives full attention and individual care consistently during each day.

We employ specialised teachers who are trained in looking after babies, who know how to take good care of them and make sure they do help the baby’s brain develop.

Our teachers develop one on one relationships with your child. They are familiar with research on how a baby’s brain develops and know how to extend and stimulate the curiosity of children at all ages and stages.


Toddlers love to get physical!

This is an age when children learn significantly through play and physical activity. Our programme for toddlers is centred on a philosophy of ‘play with purpose.’ A variety of activities are planned for each day such as dressing up, painting, working with play dough, building blocks and so on.

As with the infants, a teacher is responsible for each group and children are given an individual programme to ensure they are encouraged to achieve various milestones.
Our facilities are bright, open and spacious with plenty of exciting equipment and a wealth of resources to keep busy toddlers engrossed.


Preschoolers and young children

Preschoolers and young childrenProgrammes for this age group are about preparing them for primary school and the new environment they will enter. All children learn in unique ways and develop at different ages. In this group we again design individual programmes to help children learn in the way that is best for them, at their own pace and in their own time.

Learning is still centred on play; however we do introduce some new experiences that help children’s transition to school. Children are encouraged during the transition programme to take responsibility for their belongings, learn to manage a lunchbox and it’s contents, engage in mat time and develop the foundation skills necessary for them to be able to read and write when they get to school.

The school environment will be very unfamiliar so our transition programme aims to make children comfortable with the new things they might encounter so they are well prepared for the next step in their learning journey.

All teachers regularly revise their professional development to ensure we offer stimulating programmes for children.