What is Montessori?

  • Unique learning philosophy
  • Tried and true method
  • Teaches solid language and maths skills
  • Encourages a love of learning
  • Supports creativity and imagination
  • Develops each child’s individual potential
  • Builds high self-esteem and social skills
  • Fosters independence and self-discipline
  • Specially trained teachers
  • Programme for 18 months to pre-school

The Montessori method is one of the earliest and most successful methods of child education, based on the observation of each child’s individual needs. Montessori teachers take great pride in the special qualities that this method offers, creating not only a safe and nurturing environment for each child but individual opportunities to develop each child’s potential. Children also develop a solid grounding in numbers, reading and writing.

Learning the Montessori way includes a programme of music, art, drama, language, story-telling, games, using colour and sound and touch. In this stimulating environment, using specially designed equipment and materials to meet the children’s needs, your child will flourish.

Individual differences are encouraged, while at the same time, the interaction with others, means that children are learning to socialise and enjoy being part of a group.

The professionally trained staff work closely with parents, who are the first teachers. Many teachers find the Montessori approach to education, life and learning very appealing. This enthusiasm is a part of the encouraging learning environment that the children enjoy at a Montessori centre.