20 Hours

TopkidsBestStart has always been part of the Government’s 20 hours programme. So if your child is 3 they are entitled to the 20 hour subsidy on fees at all our centres. If you need your child to be in childcare for longer than this, there is a charge. Some centres provide a service that exceeds the service and education the Government minimum covers so at these centres you may be asked to pay more.

To get the 20 hours all you need to do is enrol your child at one of our centres, and complete the attestation section of the enrolment process. Your fees will then be reduced according to the fees schedule for that particular centre. Please note, if you receive a WINZ subsidy for childcare you can’t get both.

Optional Charge Necessary to Maintain Current Quality Programme

BestStart centres provide a level of care and education much greater than that set down by Government regulations. The 20 Hour Early Childhood Education subsidy does not cover the cost of our programme. The Government recently removed the word “Free” from the name of this scheme in acknowledgement of the fact that the subsidy is insufficient.

This optional charge covers things like:

  • More teachers to children (the regulation requires only one teacher for 10 children in all day care)
  • Meals – caters for Halal
  • Trips and excursions not covered by ‘one off’ charges
  • Swimming, Gym, Rhythm kids and other special programmes at some centre

Make sure your child gets a head start before school at one of our quality child care centres.