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BestStart Montessori centres are committed to excellence in education through the Montessori philosophy that fosters peaceful guardianship of each other and our world.

Kua manawanui a BestStart Montessori ki te huhuatanga o te mātauranga mā te kaupapa rapunga whakaaro o Montessori. Mā tēnei ka puāwai ora te kaitiakitanga rangimārie o ia tāngata me tō tātou nei ao.


BestStart offers a nationwide network of Montessori Early Childhood Centres. Experienced, trained Montessori / Early Childhood teachers support children’s learning by focusing on the child’s potential and interests.

Montessori teachers take pride in the qualities that this method offers. This creates a safe and nurturing environment for each child and individual opportunities to develop each child’s potential. Children also develop a solid grounding in numbers, reading and writing.

This method provides practical activities that link the home and the centre. Individual differences are encouraged, while interactions with others mean that children learn to socialise and enjoy being part of a group.

Professionally trained staff work closely with parents, who are recognised as the child’s first teachers. Our teacher’s enthusiasm for Montessori is a part of the encouraging learning environment that the children enjoy at a Montessori centre.


Find a Montessori centre near you:


Montessori Herne Bay, (09) 378 8056

Montessori The Children’s House, (09) 833 7119


Montessori Flagstaff, (07) 854 3857

Montessori School House, (07) 853 6654

Bay of Plenty:

Montessori Bethlehem, (07) 579 3661

Montessori Otumoetai, (07) 576 8898


Montessori Taradale, (06) 845 9380


Montessori Kapiti, (04) 550 6832

Montessori Kilbirnie, (04) 387 1195

Montessori Rongotai, (04) 387 1192

Montessori Rangimarie Childrens House, (04) 478 6071


Montessori Mona Vale, (03) 348 9179

Montessori St Albans, (03) 356 0111


Montessori Mosgiel, (03) 489 0434

Montessori The Gardens, (03) 473 7630


Montessori Arrowtown, (03) 442 0032




FAQs about Montessori at BestStart

What happens in a Montessori Centre?

Montessori is a mixed age child-directed learning environment backed by careful teacher observations and scientifically designed resources. Based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori this philosophy is devoted to developing the whole child (emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially). Teachers are Montessori qualified and carefully guide children to lead their own learning. In our mixed age environments children learn how to work in a small community and learn from each other as they master life skills.

How is a Montessori centre different to a “regular” centre?

Every BestStart Montessori centre has a carefully prepared environment with specific Montessori learning materials to suit the needs of the individual children. Children engage in exploration and repeat this to support their learning. Montessori trained teachers effectively work with children to offer specific learning experiences based on their in depth knowledge of the child. Learning is actively led by the child and guided by a teacher’s support. Children learn success through self-correcting learning materials. They develop an internal pride for the work that they do. Children at BestStart Montessori centres have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and rhythm determined by their developmental needs.

What will I need to do at home to support Montessori?

Parents and whanau are encouraged to look for opportunities to involve their child in a range of practical life activities to support their independence. As simple as choosing clothing that a child can independently take on and off or specific spaces for children to explore their own learning. Teachers will have a range of ideas that they can share with you to explore ways to support your child.

How does Montessori work with Te Whariki?

Te Whariki is the national curriculum for early childhood centres in NZ. This is focused on looking at the holistic picture of the child, which is also the emphasis of the Montessori approach.  Our teachers are confident and capable to link Montessori philosophy and practice with the context of the national curriculum. This is woven throughout their documentation of children’s learning.

Why do BestStart Montessori teachers talk about ‘Practical Life’ activities?

In Montessori classes there are different curriculum areas, with specially created materials to support the holistic development of the child. Practical Life is one of these areas and is the way that the teachers support each child to connect with their environment. Activities are a series of everyday experiences that the child will have seen in their own home or community, such as getting dressed, watering plants or washing dishes. Through engagement in Practical Life activities children develop their independence, concentration, fine-motor control and also their sense of responsibility and contribution – all the foundation for later learning.

How does Montessori promote my child’s learning?

At BestStart Montessori, our focus is on supporting children’s self-discovery. Children are able to select their own activities and work with them independently, or with peers.  Emphasis is placed on enabling children to repeat activities and revisit their learning multiple times, so that they have time to investigate their ideas and practice new skills. The teachers are skilled in observing and responding to children’s interests and skills, and increasing the level of challenge over time.