Delivering quality

Professional Development

Professional DevelopmentBestStart prides itself on is its professional development opportunities available to support and empower teachers to keep on learning throughout all stages of their career.

We have a team of Business Managers and Professional Services Managers who regularly visit centres offering support. Business Managers take responsibility for the overall accountability of a centre including family / whanau relationships and centre promotion. Our Professional Services Managers work closely with teachers to deliver a quality educational programme.

Our professional support for teachers is second to none. We have the country’s most recognised Professional Guidance programme that supports teachers and keeps them up to date with child development. It helps teachers to be the best they can be so that in turn children can achieve great learning outcomes.

We support our teachers from the very beginning of their career. Once a teacher completes their three year training they engage in a two year registration process. Our acclaimed Advice and Guidance Programme supports them during this journey as they achieve full registration.


BestStart Trustmark Awards

The BestStart Trustmark Awards have been established as a form of recognition for our centres achieving a level of excellence in the education and care of children. We believe all BestStart centres should be capable of achieving these awards, and anticipate the time when these awards become the symbol of excellence for all ECE centres in New Zealand.

There are three main categories of award which have been developed through consideration of existing standards measurements and consultation with experts in the sector. The categories are:

  • Quality teaching
  • Working with others
  • Leadership and management

The process of working towards and achieving these awards is intended to have several benefits for the participating centre:

  • Empowering participants to strive for excellence
  • Strengthening cooperative support
  • Increasing pride in ones centre and belonging to the BestStart family

The value in working towards and achieving these awards is that it strengthens and encourages centre team to strive for excellence in the education and care of children. Centres are invited to enter the awards programme and work towards achieving the Trustmark Award which is presented at regional conferences.

Education Review Office

In the past two years there has been a 200% increase in the quality support networks (professional services) and a substantial increase in the professional development opportunities offered to teachers. In addition a quality advice and guidance programme supports registering teachers. All our centres are monitored by the Education Review Office. We are pleased that ERO states, ‘BestStart prides itself on the development of robust policies and procedures to ensure that centres not only meet but surpass the required health, safety, regulatory and legislative requirements required in early childhood education.

ERO has also said that BestStart has effective management systems in place to support centres with well documented centre policies and procedures that result in a high quality of service for children and their families. These systems include business managers with oversight of centres and knowledgeable professional services managers who empower teachers with effective advice and guidance programmes and professional development linked to teacher appraisal.

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