BestStart and Raising Children

Raising Children
We’ve been supporting Raising Children to produce a library of great stories to help you navigate the first decade of parenthood. The series starts from the moment you hold your brand new baby, through to graduation from primary school. There are over 100 short stories containing information, guidance and support on a number of topics, including eating, sleeping, health and behaviour as well as early learning and early childhood education (ECE).

The stories with early learning and ECE messages inform parents about the importance and value of early learning and the benefits of ECE. Stories include how parents can help their young child learn and what to look for when choosing an ECE service.

We are proud to have two of our centres, ABC Mt Eden and Edukids Stoddard Road centres feature in the series. Watch here to find out more:

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1. Early Literacy – Learn how to build a strong foundation for reading and writing
2. The value of early childhood education – What are the benefits of early childhood education?
3. Early maths – Maths in the preschool years is about much more than learning to count
4. Play is learning – Find out why play is so important; vital enough for Albert Einstein to call it “the highest form of research”.
5. Transitioning to school – Tips on making the transition from home to school a happy one.
6. Digital learning – Get to grips with the changing world of learning.

How do I access more information about Raising Children?

More stories can be accessed in a number of ways:
· Website –
· By downloading the ‘Raising Children’ app which is free for apple and android phones
· DVDs –

  • an ‘Early Years’ DVD focusing on 0-2 year olds is currently being given to all first time parents/whānau free of charge by either their Plunket nurse or other Well Child Tamariki Ora provider.
  • a ‘Middle Years’ DVD, focusing on 3-10 year olds will be given to all first time parents free of charge by their Plunket nurse. These will be available from August 2015 – August 2016.
  • TVNZ OnDemand – stories are available on-line from 1 August 2015.