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Cafe Fluffys

EduKids Faringdon have begun visiting Pedal Pusher cafe regularly on our neighborhood walks and having a fluffy with the children. In our prep room they have adopted this as part of their graduation process for children leaving to go to school. In the child’s final week they get too choose a friend to take with them for the […]

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America’s cup

EduKids Faringdon – A lot of our children were talking about watching the America’s cup races with their families and this led to the making of our own boat. The interest in what has been happening has continued with improvised boat races happening daily and discussion about where in the world this has been happening. This ties in […]

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EduKids Faringdon’s Relationship with Lemonwood Grove School

EduKids Faringdon recently had their first transition visit to the newly opened Lemonwood Grove School.  They had been working with the teaching team prior to their opening, building relationships with them. The teachers have been visiting the centre over the last year, spending time with the children in our prep room. Building a relationship with the school […]

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1st Birthday!

The staff at EduKids Faringdon planned for a day of party games and celebrations across the centre in all 4 classrooms. The Nursery enjoyed a bubble machine and receiving a party bag of goodies. The toddlers, preschool and prep rooms enjoyed games all day including pass the parcel, piñata, pin the tail on the donkey, party bags and […]

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ABC Rolleston and EduKids Faringdon’s Mini Olympics

Children from ABC Rolleston and EduKids Faringdon came together recently to celebrate the Olympics with a little mini Olympic event at a local park. We had different events set up including hurdles, shot put, relay, and gymnastics. The children and parents that came to help us had a fantastic time getting involved and trying out […]

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Celebrating Daffodil Day

EduKids Faringdon have been introducing Spring into their programme as the weather changes. Supporting the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day is one way we have been able to talk to about this with the children. We’ve found it a great way to help them understand the importance of helping out others in the community who may […]

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