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Celebrating Cook Islands Language Week

First Steps Everglade Preschool is always committed to promoting cultural diversity at our centre.  Thus Kaiako, Tamariki and Whanau have been doing a variety of experiences to mark this special event of Cook Island Language Week.  Our Kiako have been practicing cook island dance with our tamariki and learning to greet by saying “Kia orana”.  […]

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First Steps Everglade Preschool’s colour festival fun

At First Steps Everglade Preschool we value the cultural diversity of children and families in the centre. To strengthen our commitment, we celebrated Holy Festival at the centre. Holy is an Indian festival playing with colours and water.  Our tamariki had so much fun today engaging in a variety of  play experiences with colors. This was a […]

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Healthy choices at First Steps Everglade Preschool

First Steps Everglade Preschool has always been committed to the wellbeing (mana atua) of our tamariki. We are now totally engaged in BestStart’s Hauora initiative where kaiako provide children with an environment where they engaged in active movement experiences. This year teachers and parents together have also decided to have healthy options for birthday celebrations. […]

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Healthy Hearts

What an awesome day First Steps Everglade Preschool had with everyone dressed in red to support the NZ Heart Foundation on Heart Day! The centre had planned a day full of activities to help our children take care of their hearts.  

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First Steps Everglade Preschool’s Maori Language Week

In celebration for Maori Language week , we here at First Steps Everglade Preschool had a range of different interactive experiences which enhanced our knowledge of Te Reo Maori me o nga tikanga. We implemented this by surrounding our centre with Te Reo Maori labels both inside and outside , staff and children were encouraged […]

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