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Plunket fundraiser

On Friday March 16, First Steps Matau held a ‘Blue Day’ to show our support to Plunket.  Everyone turned up in blue outfits with a donation. We gave away certificates for the most creative blue day lunches and had lots of blue activities set up through the day. In groups of 4, the children made […]

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Amazing new space

First Steps Matau have had some exciting changes to our playground and we are just loving our new outdoor space. We’ve had a wonderful extension to our deck area, along with development of a slide area, lush green grass and lazy river into our sandpit. As part of our RIE/Pikler philosophy it is important our space looks and […]

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First Steps Centennial Enters Blossom Festival Window Display Competition

First Steps Centennial entered the Blossom Festival Window Display competition hosted by More FM in collaboration with Paper Plus.  The children, with assistance from centre staff, decorated their beautiful bayview window with bright yellow paper sunflowers, and blue and green flowers in the background made of cardboard and crepe paper. On the sides of the window […]

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