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EduKids Manukau – Get out, Stay out, Well done!

The children at EduKids Manukau were very thrilled to see Fireman Matt who came to talk to the children about being fire-wise.  Our tamariki have been very fascinated with community helpers and how they help us when we need them.  Matt educated the children about what Firemen do when there’s an emergency and what we need to do to be safe in case of fire in the house. He spent some time with our tamariki where he read book on being fire-wise and sang Flick the Fire Engine song which the children loved listening to.

Growing an amazing future at ABC Bayfair

At ABC Bayfair to extend on our never-ending commitment to growing an amazing future through teaching our children to give and be kind to others, we have jumped on board one of our teacher’s ambitions to grow out and donate her hair to Freedom Hair who create wigs – alopecia sufferers being their largest customers.  We took to a local facebook group to find an amazing hairdresser who came to our centre and chopped the 14+ inches of hair off, which we have posted a few days later; our story was featured in the local newspaper too!  “It was a brilliant learning experience to have the children and families around me and one I won’t forget anytime soon, I am feeling so humbled by the support from many and it always feels great to give, I’m glad that I’m in a position to teach our children these fantastic qualities” says Head Teacher, Anita Smith.

Whanau sharing at Early Years Redwood

At Early Years Redwood, one of our teachers began a great conversation with one of our whānau about his child’s interest in learning te reo Māori by repeating Māori words she hears the kaiako using. She also has a wonderful interest in reading books. Her Dad began telling our teacher how they have Te reo books at home and that she could pick out animals in the book and the name the animals in Te reo Māori. We invited him to share the books with the centre so all the children could learn alongside his child.  He agreed and brought them in the next day. Our little reader was so proud of her books and happily read them with her friends in the Infant Room. She pointed out the different pictures and began teaching the kaiako and other children the words she knew, engaging in a tuakana-teina relationships to support those engaged with her. This was a beautiful teaching moment, and shows how involved our whānau are with contributing their learning goals and family values to our teaching programme.

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EduKids Elles Road Rippa Rugby Tournament

Some of EduKids Ells Road  amazing prep-room sports players joined together with tamariki from our other Invercargill BestStart Centres, in a Rippa Rugby tournament.

The tamariki were amazing and many try’s were scored. Here are some pictures from the day.

IMG_6472   IMG_6459

IMG_6449   IMG_6444

ABC Rangiora North Inter generational Playgroup

Our ABC Rangiora North, Plunket and Charles Upham Retirement Village Playgroup is off to a great start.  Our children loved their visit to Charles Upham and are looking forward to their next visit.

It will be great to see many more families get involved and join us for this valuable experience over the coming weeks.

IMG_8969   IMG_8980   IMG_8982

IMG_8997 (1)   IMG_9007

IMG_9019   IMG_8966

ABC Arawhata learn to swim

Here at ABC Arawhata we have been working on “Super Heros of our Community” and today we were lucky enough to have Jacquie from Kapiti Learn to Swim visit us and tell us all about the wonderful ways she helps our children in our community learn about water safety. We all had so much fun with every child having the opportunity to try on a life jacket and learn how to huddle in the water to stay warm and keep afloat if they every are feeling unsure or frightened in the water. We learnt a song about staying safe and having an adult around us at  in the pool, river and sea and even in the bath and shower!!.   Then to end of our amazing visit we had an interactive story.  We are truly looking forward  to our Super Hero visit next year where we are going to learn even more around water safety.

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Montessori The Gardens Art Exhibition

What an amazingly creative group of children at Montessori The Gardens.  

Over the last few weeks the children have been exploring a number of mediums, choosing some of their finest work  to display. The “curators” worked hard behind the scene to open our exhibition to tamariki and whanau from 5 – 7pm last night. The children were really excited to show off all their great art.  

Thank you to all the families that came and supported this special event!

iPad August 14th 2017 031   iPad August 14th 2017 015   IMG_2618 IMG_2616   IMG_2613   IMG_2578

IMG_2560   IMG_2539   IMG_2518

IMG_2500   IMG_2487   IMG_2480

IMG_2476   IMG_2466   IMG_0383


Little piglets visit ABC Katikati

At ABC Katikati, we were very lucky to have Caz and her three week old piglets join us at mat time. The children were able to pat them, hold them on their leads, feed them their bottles, and learn about the piglets.

The piglets were orphans and now live at Nana Caz’s house. They even get to sleep in front of the fire. They drink milk and are starting to eat some pig pellets. The children were very patient and calm with the piglets and all got to have a turn at meeting them and even feeding them.

At our centre we believe in teaching the children about the wider world around us and learning how to respect and care for papatuanuku and all her children. Having the piglets here the children learnt about being kind and gentle, and about the care routines that Caz has for the piglets, which will support them with being socially competent children aware of caring for animals and their needs. We have a centre cat and animals and often invite animals to visit which supports this.


ABC Russley’s Picnic in the Park

ABC Russley had a fun excursion to Burnside Park for a picnic lunch!

The children loved going in the 6 seater pram thanks to ABC Rangiora and also the two seater pram. Once we got to the park we all sat down and had our picnic lunch. After lunch we ran around the park chasing each other and having so much fun!

On the way back we delivered some of our Bright Starts magazines to our community friends, and then all had a big nap! We have all had such a good time and can’t wait to do it again!!

IMG_1428  IMG_1433  IMG_1432

IMG_1435  IMG_1439  IMG_1484

IMG_1483  IMG_1481  IMG_1477

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Potion making at First Steps Donny

Our children at First Steps Donny have been busy making potions. This is such a big interest for many of the children and we are finding new inventive ingredients to add to our potions. Today we used glitter, vinegar, baking soda, leaves and sand. We have asked our whanau if the children have been interested in making potions at home too.