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ABC Paraparaumu welcome new teachers and children

We’ve had a very busy day here at ABC Paraparaumu, inviting our new teachers from Community Kindy Bluegum; Karyn, Ricky and Chelsea along with their budgies Jo and Johnny. We’re also lucky enough to have 12 new children and their families from there join us here at centre. Our tradition at ABC Paraparaumu is to welcome new kaiako with a powhiri. Today the entire centre joined together in welcoming all our new friends and teachers to our centre.

The children lead this practice and teachers are there to support them  in the process. The children are getting more and more confident in the spiritual learning of the powhiri. We teach our tamariki that:

The karanga (call) can only be given by women. It weaves a spiritual rope to pull the waka (canoe) of the manuhiri (visitors) on to the centre. The calls alternate between tangata whenua (local people) and manuhiri and should never be broken. It is a continuous stream of each side weaving into the other.

Today we joined as one learning community and will continue to grow and learn together.

ka whangaia ke tupu ka puawai, That which is nurtered, blossoms and grows.

EduKids Kilmarnock Celebrate Waitangi Day with Fun, Family and Food

To Celebrate Waitangi Day, EduKids Kilmarnock had a shared lunch with all our teachers and children in our large foyer space.  Some of our parents also joined in the fun.

Each family brought a vegetable to contribute to the meal.

Some of these vegetables came from children’s own vegetable gardens at their houses.

We provided roast chicken and enjoyed eating this with a wide variety of vegetables.  We all said karakia together before eating, to show appreciation for our food.  What a special time this was all coming together to celebrate a big part of our history.





ABC Papamoa pay it forward

ABC Papamoa has been able to pay it forward by donating our old family play kitchen to the very grateful “kidz need dadz” organisation and “KidzKare”.

We are so happy these will continue to be well loved by children and families in need.

Recycling at ABC Papamoa

At ABC Papamoa, we have made our own recycling bins. We recently had a parent event, where we all went to the park for a picnic dinner. As we were there we walked around the park and picked up all the rubbish, recycling the plastic, glass and cardboard into our new bins. This is part of our Resource wise programme that we as a centre do.


Bike Day at TopKids Mount

This week at TopKids Mount we celebrated Bike Month and had a bike day!  Tamariki brought in their bikes and helmets and we had a wonderful time riding around in the sun.  We washed our bikes and then decorated them in the afternoon.  A great way to promote health and wellbeing for our tamariki!

Big Heart Day at TopKids Motutaiko

Topkids Motutaiko held a Big Heart Day to help the Heart Foundation fight New Zealand’s single biggest killer – heart disease and to work towards achieving our Heart Foundation Gold Award – Pᾱ-Harakeke, the gold standard and top level of the Heart Foundation Awards.  It was a marvelous day that was enjoyed by everyone, full of lots of fun and outstanding educational learning.

For our Heart Day we:

  • Held a dress up in blue day to cover one of our food group colours
  • Invited whᾱnau to join their tamariki ma and the centre in celebrating our health and wellbeing
  • Held a bike day and Latin American Dancing
  • Ate and drank the A-Z of the Fruit and Vegetable World
  • Learnt about what makes us unique, the parts of the human body and how it works
  • Harvested some of our centre garden that we have nurtured from seed as part of our learning where food comes from and respect for the living world and our life force.
  • Gained insight and knowledge on what vitamins are in what foods and the health benefits of different foods and exercise.

We held a Heart Day because we:

  • Want to spread the word about being healthy
  • Contribute to the Heart Foundation’s vital work
  • Celebrated Valentine’s Day at the same time
  • Are learning about keeping our heart’s healthy
  • Want to inspire our families to eat tasty and healthy food
  • Learn more about how to look after the well-being of our Hauora as well as support the BestStart Hauora Initiative.
  • Integrate physical activity and healthy eating together through our daily practices and all aspects of our environment and wanted to also engage our community.

TopKids Pukuatua make dumplings

As part of our Chinese new year celebration at TopKids Pukuatua, Yingfen showed the children how to make dumplings, they enjoyed activities such as chopping, grating and and folding the dumplings, then they all watched as Yingfen cooked the Dumplings and then enjoyed them for lunch yum o thank you Yingfen what a great opportunity for the children.



Learning about Measurement at Montessori Rangimarie

The children at Montessori Rangimarie here in Johnsonville were interested in distances. How far away is Johnsonville library? How far away is Khandallah Park? Together they decided to measure how far they walked from the street front and into their classroom. Using Montessori materials, the children know how long 1 metre is. Some of the older children also know how to count in groups of 3 (multiplication). When they found a measuring tape that was 3 metres long, they decided to measure the distance. One child held the tape, one stood on the end and one took the tally. The discovered it is 57 metres from the road to the inside of the classroom.

TopKids South welcome AmeriCARna

With the Americana cars in town, TopKids South Road took the opportunity to welcome them all to Hawera. The children all made banners, flags and pictures to display and then sat out on the grass verge smiling and waving at all the cars. To make the day even more special we all dressed up in blue, red and white, decorated the centre and had American themed food for the day. It was great to hear all the toots from the cars and smiles on everyone’s faces.


Fruity ice blocks at First Steps Waiuku

The babies at First Steps Waiuku have been exploring ice and water activities recently so we decided to further their experiences by making something cold and tasty! We brought in a variety of fruit – passionfruit, pear, bananas, strawberries and raspberries. The babies helped us to put each one into the bowl (taste testing as they did!). It was so funny watching their faces when they tried the passionfruit.

We whizzed it all up in the blender and the colour it made was so beautiful. We tipped it into the ice block moulds and froze them. When they were ready our babies each had an ice block and they loved every moment of it. Their faces tell the story! The babies learnt about textures, tastes and the feel of the different fruits. We were impressed that the babies actually enjoyed the passionfruit, even though it was a bit bitter. The babies didn’t need much encouragement to try the ice blocks, they were very confident and persevered to eat as much of it as possible.